Welcome to the Greenhouse

Our mission is to make indoor spaces healthier and more beautiful with artfully made, living plant arrangements. We are committed to spreading the word about the positivity of plants in everyday life. We believe indoor plants make the world a better place, and that even the blackest of thumbs can have houseplant success with a little education, practice and love.

Greenhouse Gallery 

Our Roots

I have always nurtured a love of all things green and growing.  This love inspired me to create living terrarium centerpieces for our wedding reception.  I was excited to offer our guests a beautiful arrangement that would live long past the honeymoon, bringing joy, health, and happy memories into their homes for many years to come.  

After the excitement (and mess!) of the wedding calmed down, I realized how much I loved propagating, nurturing, and arranging houseplants.  While the aesthetic aspect was a lot of fun, my nurturing was not always successful.  And since helplessly watching a houseplant waste away is a truly depressing experience, the focus of my energy became the health of the plants within their terrarium environment.  A new interest in houseplant health and care led to years of reading, experimenting, and grow, grow, growing!  So much growing that every sunny nook in my house became overtaken, while my hunger to learn and continue to practice my new passion was stronger than ever.  So I followed in the footsteps of many over-crowded and eager crafters before me, converting my hobby into a small business. Create and Love Greenhouse was born.   

The dining room. Once every window in our home looked like this, I knew it was time to take my green beauties out into the world!l


Taking it to the streets! Feeling good at our first show in Bethel Park, PA, November 2014